Art Writing

Hannah Wilke: Art for Life’s Sake” in BOMB

Carla Zaccagnini: Cuentos de cuentas (Accounts of Accounting)” in Brooklyn Rail

A Long View of What is Near: The Place-Based Work of PSA:” in Harp & Altar


“The Promiscuity of Order: Literally means collapse at SculptureCenter” in Harp & Altar

“Organic Intellectuals: Attention Line, Artists Space, New York City, NY” in X-TRA

Book Reviews

Prisoner of Love: On João Gilberto Noll’s Hugs and Cuddles” in Astra

Harmada by João Gilberto Noll” in Asymptote

Was It a Betrayal?: On Kate Zambreno’s To Write as if Already Dead” in the Los Angeles Review of Books

Tangled Muses: On Chelsea Martin’s Tell Me I’m an Artist” in The Millions

The Shape of Thought: On Emily Hall’s The Longcut” in The Millions

Disappearing Bodies in Elizabeth McCracken’s The Hero of This Book” in Ploughshares

Distraction and Delight in Caio Fernando Abreu’s Moldy Strawberries” in Ploughshares


Concerning My Daughter by Hye-jin Kim” in Asymptote

Visible ed. Sarah Coolidge” in Brooklyn Rail

“History’s Minor Characters: On Li Zi Shu’s The Age of Goodbyes” in the Los Angeles Review of Books


Sharing Drafts: Joeun Kim Aatchim Interviewed by Jenny Wu” in BOMB


“Himali Singh Soin: Why the Indian Himalayas are Radioactive” in Artforum

Short Fiction

Ice” in BOMB

Eating Alone” in The Literary Review

Personal Essays


“Patchy Personal Growth: A Love Letter to Rogaine” in New York Times Magazine

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